De-Contenting of Adhesives

A recent publication of The Commercial Flooring Report (volume 68 – April 2014) reported that some adhesive manufacturers have resorted to “de-contenting” their products as a cost-saving measure, which could result in installation failures.

What is de-contenting?  According to the article, it means that the solids content or active ingredients of the adhesive are being reduced or replaced with water in order to lower cost and maintain a profit margin.

While this may be the practice of some manufacturers, XL Brands will never lessen their product to save money. XL Brands always has, and always will, produce only the highest quality products available to the industry. XL Brands uses only the finest quality raw materials to create a product that offers consistent performance as expected.

When your installation demands the best, you can count on us.

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April 23, 2014