• Application:
  • * Carpet Tile
  • * Sheet Vinyl
  • * Most Resilient flooring
Stix 2199

Stix 2199

Transitional Multi-use Adhesive

Stix 2199 is a solvent-free transitional adhesive that installs like a PSA. Approved over bare concrete substrates with up to 99% RH for flooring installed on or above grade (per current ASTM F2170), and pH of 12.0 or less.

Limitations Note: For Vinyl PVC modular carpet tile, RH is limited to 95%, per current ASTM F2170 and pH of 10.0 or less. For sheet vinyl, RH is limited to 90%, per current ASTM F2170.

Packaging: 4 Gal. Pail , 1 Gal. Pail