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LockDown EVB
100% Solids Moisture-Vapor-Barrier Coating

LockDown EVB™ is a versatile, 100% Solids Moisture-Vapor-Barrier Coating is a single-coat, two-component, epoxy formulation that dramatically reduces moisture-vapor transmission and surface alkalinity from substrates. LockDown EVB perm rate is ≤0.1, and passes ASTM F3010-18, moisture mitigation system for use under resilient flooring for indoor applications. It has zero VOC (as calculated per SCAQMD Rule 1113), low odor, and is solvent free. The unique formulation of LockDown EVB exhibits a gel-like end-of-potlife indicator. Material left to cure in the pail will get hot but will not smoke excessively. It is extremely durable and can be used as a wear layer.

Packaging: 2.5 Gal. Kit


  • Single coat, rapid cure, 100% solids epoxy formulation
  • Low odor, solvent-free, zero VOC
  • Passes ASTM F3010

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