Technical Library


Stix 1100

Solvent Free Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Adhesive

Stix Platinum

Supreme Grade Wet Set Carpet Adhesive



Premium Multi-Purpose Adhesive

Stix 800

Professional Grade Multi-Purpose Adhesive

Stix Iron

Multi-Purpose Adhesive

Cove Base

CoveStix 4400

Premium Lightweight Cove Base Adhesive

Stix 4300

Professional Grade Cove Base Adhesive

Stix 4500

Premium Cove Base Adhesive


Dyna-Stix VCT

High Moisture Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Adhesive

Stix 5300

Acrylic Flooring Adhesive

Stix 5500

Premium High Strength Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

Stix 5800

Firm-Setting Adhesive for Vinyl Flooring

Stix 5900

High Shear Vinyl Flooring Adhesive


Dyna-Stix STP

4-in-1 Silane-Terminated Polymer Wood Flooring Adhesive

Dyna-Stix WDU+

High Moisture Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive

Stix 6010

Wood Flooring Adhesive

Floor Prep

DriSeal 95

Moisture Vapor Reduction System

DriSeal ONYX

Ultimate Moisture-Vapor-Barrier Coating and Primer


Primer for Alkaline or Porous Substrates


Adhesive Residue Encapsulator

Seam Sealer

Stix Seam

Solvent Free Seam Sealer

Stix Seam 10K

Universal Seam Sealer

Stix Seam Latex

Multi-Use Latex Adhesive

Specialty Products

Dyna-Stix NPB

High Moisture Adhesive for Non-PVC Backed Modular Carpet

Stix 2099

Pressure Sensitive High Moisture Adhesive

Stix 2199

Transitional Multi-use Adhesive

Stix 2230

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Stix 2400

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Stix Essential RES

Aerosol Flooring Adhesive


HydraStix 95 Aerosol

High Shear Resilient Adhesive

HydraStix 95 Broadloom

Adhesive for​ Breathable Broadloom Carpet

HydraStix 95 Resilient

Multi-use Resilient Adhesive

HydraStix 95 Transitional

Multi-use Resilient Adhesive

Surface Prep


Premium Cement-Based Self-Leveling Underlayment & Topping


Premium Interior and Exterior Acrylic Primer

Grey Patch

Economical Cement-Based Skimcoat


Economical Cement-Based Self-Leveling Underlayment

LockDown EVB

100% Solids Moisture-Vapor-Barrier Coating


High-Performance Trowelable Premium Finishing Underlayment


Cement-Based Screeding, Ramping and Patching Compound