Seam Sealer

Available U.S. Only
Stix Seam
Solvent Free Seam Sealer

Stix® Seam is a strong, solvent-free adhesive designed for joining carpets to eliminate seam unraveling in commercial and residential installations. Stix Seam has superior wet tack and rapid speed of set, making it an ideal candidate for solvent-based adhesive replacement. Stix Seam can be used on all carpets, including vinyl-backed types, for seaming and to prevent raveling on cut edges. This product is based on a high-strength water-based polymer designed specifically to seal the seam of most broadloom carpets. Stix Seam does not contain ammonia, is non-flammable, and dries to a clear film that is alkali and water resistant. Stix Seam has very low odor and “zero” (calculated) VOC.

Stix Seam contains MicroSept® Antimicrobial System Protection for enhanced resistance to mold and mildew. Stix Seam is Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI™) Green Label Plus approved.

Packaging: 1 Qt. Bottle, 1 Pint Bottle, 8oz. Bottle


  • Superior wet tack
  • Rapid set
  • Commercial & residential use

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