Seam Sealer

Available U.S. Only
Stix Seam Latex
Multi-Use Latex Adhesive

Stix® Seam Latex is a fast-drying, multi-use latex adhesive exceptionally effective for applying both plain webbing or pin type seaming tapes, replacing damaged carpet nap, securing carpet binding, patching carpets or other fabrics, sealing raw edges, reinforcing hand sewn seams and weak backings, coating the backs of throw rugs to reduce slipping hazards, and many other purposes.

Stix Seam Latex is Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI™) Green Label Plus approved.

Packaging: 1 Gal. Pail, 1 Qt. Bottle


  • Dries translucent
  • Good water resistance
  • SCAQMD Rule 1168 compliant

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