Available U.S. Only
Stix 5800
Firm-Setting Adhesive for Vinyl Flooring

Stix® 5800 is a firm-setting acrylic adhesive that forms a tight, water-resistant bond with luxury vinyl plank, tile and sheet goods, and Linoleum flooring. Stix 5800 offers better workability for the installer with extended open time up to 30 minutes. Stix 5800 is excellent for use on installations that require resistance to indentations from heavy point and rolling loads. Stix 5800 is also very low odor, easy to spread, and contains MicroSept® broad spectrum antimicrobial protection to protect the adhesive from bacterial and fungal growth.

Stix 5800 is FloorScore® certified, CRI™ Green Label Plus approved, passes SCAQMD Rule 1168, as well as conforming to CA Section 01350.

Packaging: 4 Gal. Pail, 1 Gal. Pail


  • Extended installation time
  • Easy spreading acrylic adhesive
  • Low VOC

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